Speaking: Presentations & Workshops

Shuck has facilitated seminars and workshops to executives and team members at some of the world's most admired and recognized companies including Delta Airlines, Bank of America, GM, Sysco, US Steel, PNC Bank, Copa Airlines, Optum Health, YUM!, Starbucks, Dell Latin America, UPS, Old National Bank, Ford Motor Company, LinkedIn, Quicken Loans, Eli Lilly, Caribou Coffee, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, PNC Bank, United Healthcare, Lowes, Brown Forman, ATT, DISH, Norton Healthcare, and Luxottica, among many others.

Shuck is listed on the National Speakers Bureau and has been a featured speaker for the Association for Talent Development, Society for Human Resource Management, and Recognition Professionals International on both local and national stages including standing room only seminars at the Academy of Human Resource Development, the Academy of Management, as well as numerous university and local chapter meetings across the United States. He has presented his work at the Panama Canal and was invited to speak at the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council to share his evidence-driven research on employee engagement to some of the world’s most influential scholars, including academicians from the London School of Business, the University of Bathe, and the University of Kent as well as members of the The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and members of the British Parliament.

Companies all over the world have implemented the strategies that he teaches in his evidenced-based, yet information and conversationally driven workshops and Keynote presentations. Everything that Shuck talks about is grounded in data, which provides depth,  detail, and an evidence-based approach to developing sustained cultures of well-being and high levels of employee engagement. 

Click for sample workshop topics and contact Dr. Brad Shuck for more details or a customized talk for your team, organization, or association audience. 

What You Should Expect

A gifted speaker and keynote, Dr. Shuck is also a skilled and artful small and large group facilitator, able to seamlessly transition between a large format keynote to executive and smaller group breakout sessions that drive discussion and engage participants at deep, personal levels. Shuck is available for Keynote and large audience presentations as well as smaller and executive format breakout sessions including strategy development and planning, 

Shuck is open to travel for multiple days and has extensive experience traveling internationally, including obtaining Visa's and clearing local Customs. 

Sample Presentation and Workshops Topics

Building an Organization that Matters: Empowering Leaders and Moving the Needle on Employee Engagement

Driving higher levels of employee engagement at all levels can propel an organization forward. The research is clear: High levels of employee engagement change everything for an organization. Leaders need a strategy for developing a culture of engagement that fits their unique culture and industry. Using the latest findings in decision-science – instead of one size fits all strategies that rarely work – find out what really drives employee engagement across your organization and how leaders can unleash the power of a highly motivated team. 

Leaders and managers need a strategy that they can easily apply and that moves the needle on motivation. In this workshop, leaders learn best practices of how to communicate and connect with employees in ways that drive increased levels of engagement and individual performance.

Takeaways and Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn the leader behaviors that impact high levels of employee engagement
  • How to create environments that promote more productive, satisfied, and engaged employees at all levels
  • How to create a culture that inspires employee engagement and happiness at work.

Sick, Tired, and Burned Out? Or – Engaged, Productive and Healthy!

Have you ever heard – or even used – the expression “I am so burned out at work”? For some, work may have a serious impact on their health and wellbeing. Recent research on the connection between employee engagement and health has suggested a high return on investment for leaders who develop cultures of high engagement! And sends a clear warning that organizations with a climate of dysfunction have a disastrous impact. 

In this dynamic and fun workshop, learn how organizational culture is linked to increased levels of employee engagement and wellbeing, and how culture drives physical and mental health. You’ll learn proven strategies and best practices to develop a positive organizational culture.

Takeaways and Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to create a culture that inspires employee engagement and happiness at work 
  • Explore the transformational impact of organizational culture on employee engagement and employee health/wellbeing
  • Identify specific leader behaviors that impact employee engagement and health
  • Pinpoint how to build a strong, engaging organizational culture that can be sustained over time.

Employee Engagement: What the Best Leaders Are Doing Differently

When it comes to employee engagement, leaders make all the difference. Dysfunctional leaders can destroy an engaging culture and wreak havoc on engagement; on the other hand, leaders who are authentic, who treat employees with dignity, and who create space for teams to do their best work can inspire a workplace that is transforming. Using the latest insights on leader behavior, learn how leaders at all levels have the power to impact culture, employee wellbeing and health, and ultimately influence higher levels of employee engagement. In this informal and conversational talk, participants will engage in dialogue and reflection and be challenged to implement small changes that will have a huge impact. 


Takeaways and Learning Objectives: 

  • Specific leadership behaviors that impact employee engagement; 
  • The relationship between leadership, health, and organizational culture
  • How to build a strong, engaging organizational culture that can be sustained overtime.